Worthy publishing recently won Nashville’s NEXT award for this years startup in the digital media and entertainment category. VOLTAGE is excited for Worthy’s award and recognition and it’s due time we profiled this great client of ours. Working with Worthy from the start as their digital agency VOLTAGE has helped them build their brand through a robust website, e-mail marketing, social media, banner ads, pay per click, and SEO. The site was designed to be a growing catalog of titles where each book page acts as a unique landing page and is tied seemlessly into Author profiles, social content, and e-commerce sites.  So far in collaboration with Worthy, the VOLTAGE team has designed and implemented :

Check out Worthy’s site at www.WorthyPublishing.com, and some of the many book landing pages for a number of great titles.


Grizzly bear hunt

You know your agency t-shirts are bad to the bone when clients wear them to take down Grizzly bears in Western Alaska. This is long time client and friend Justin Klomp from Trice Jewelers, proudly sporting the Volt along with his latest trophy! We love seeing where our shirts show up, so send us your pictures of the VOLT in strange or unusual places and you’ll automatically be entered into the VOLTAGE “hall of fame, check out where I wore my t-shirt contest.”  For some time these shirts have been passed around in dark alleys, in top secret client meetings, and from the belly of the beast – aka – the VOLTAGE van, but soon you’ll be able to order your very own online. Until then, thanks for the picture Justin, and happy hunting.

Fresh Produce Clothing is a women’s lifestyle brand known and loved by women ages 6 months to 60-plus for lush colors, year-round sensibility, and simply inspired design.

A $50 million dollar company in it’s third decade – Fresh Produce has retail stores in La Jolla, Beach Haven, Martha’s Vineyard, Santa Barbara and other exclusive seashore resorts in North America and the Caribbean.

VOLTAGE Advertising & Design has developed a new look for Fresh Produce’s 2010/11 campaign – Live Life, Enjoy Color. The new look references the organic feel of homegrown farmers markets and introduces the brand to a younger audience.

Along with SmartClick Adwords the new design and online marketing strategy has garnered tremendous sales results in the digital space for the brand.

VOLTAGE designed the Getaway by Color sweepstakes – that featured four colorful trips facebook followers could win. The contest added 6,000 fans to their fan base and 4,500 entries.

Weekly email marketing blasts that were designed by VOLTAGE have dramatically increased open rates and click through rates.

We have enjoyed working with a brand that focuses on so much positive energy and the coastal lifestyle. It’s definitely rubbed off on the design team – going from predominantly black attire to varying shades of gray, even an army green shirt has popped up around the office.

Thanks Fresh Produce for the good vibe!

cloud 9 living gift experiences

Cloud 9 Living is based on the philiosophy that life is truly the sum of our experiences. C9 is an experience gift company that has forever changed the world of gift giving by helping people live the fullest life possible. Cloud 9 Living has also secured a spot this year on Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. list.

At www.cloud9living.com boring gifts are no longer an option – rather than trying to select from an array of your typical standard gifts, Cloud 9 Living allows you to choose from thousands of exciting experiences that make unforgettable and sometimes life-changing memories.

The new dilemma with cloud 9 becomes – What to give? There are so many thrilling experiences in every city and state that it’s hard to choose just one. You can give someone a session at an exotic spa, a day in a fighter jet, or thousands of other options. Here’s one of our favorites:

Cloud 9 Living has relied on VOLTAGE from the beginning to do everything from their logo design and branding, to interactive design, Facebook & social media marketing, email marketing, packaging, and traditional advertising and design services.

“We have been working with Eric (VOLTAGE) since 2005. From our initial website design and marketing materials to the recent design of our Corporate website and newsletter templates, it has always amazed me to watch how he listens to and understands our goals then translates that into a finished product far beyond our dreams.” John Augst, President – Cloud 9 Living

Thanks Cloud 9! from the VOLTAGE team.

Client Profile from VOLTAGE Advertising and Design


It’s been a pleasure to work with what is quickly becoming “Every City’s Favorite Burger Place” – SMASHBURGER! Since we started work on their website in the summer they had about 12 stores operating in the greater Denver area! They now have succesfully opened over 30 more and have another 40 or so on the map! So if you haven’t tried a SMASHBURGER yet, or if there isn’t one close to you – just sit tight, because there soon will be and you’ll know what we are so excited to advertise – Great burgers made from 100% certified angus beef, never frozen, fresh and smashed on the grill to seal in smashburger’s savory seasons and carmelize the flavor. They also feature a host of other great items like Haagen Dazs shakes, smash fries, veggie frite’s and smashchicken and salads to make you drool with delight.


VOLTAGE worked closely with Consumer Capital Partners to design and build the smashburger website, create social networks, and design a mobile enabled site which features dynamic functionality.  Because of the rapid growth of SMASHBURGER the site had to be easily updated by the internal marketing team. The smashburger team can easily update page content, post news and press and add new locations to a database driven Locations map!


To drive home the fact that SMASHBURGER is every city’s favorite burger place, the homepage serves up specific quotes unique to each viewers region. If you’re in Kansas on the smashburger website, you’ll most likely see a quote from a kansas facebook fan, or if you’re in Idaho, you might see a great review from the idaho statesman. The buttons are also unique to each region and promote local menu items, or offers. Each region has specific menu items and signature burgers!


VOLTAGE also set up Social networks and provided creative to build fan base and reward fans. If you’re not already a fan – don’t be shy – and check out their facebook page.


Client Profile from VOLTAGE Advertising and Design W.W. Reynolds is Boulder’s premier real estate development and professional property management firm. They currently own and manage over 2.8 million square feet of office, retail, and industrial property along the Colorado front range. After over 40 years of development in and around Boulder, The Reynolds name has become iconic for progress and service and was ready to update it’s brand. VOLTAGE worked with W.W. Reynolds to update it’s signature logo, design a new website, and develop marketing materials and a new marketing message.

The W.W. Reynolds signature logo is widely recognizable around the boulder area, and needed to be maintained. We updated the logo, which is founder Bill Reynolds original signature, redrawing the letterforms to economize space, look updated and refreshed and work better across printed and web applications.

After cleaning up the typography – we created a custom lizard icon from some VOLTAGE lightning bolts and it stuck. The icon represents the nickname the company is know by – A Raging Thunder Lizard Company – and has also become the symbol of the companies continued emphasis on sustainable building and earth friendly growth and development.

VOLTAGE Designed and built a new website for W.W. Reynolds. The new dynamic website features a custom built backend which allows the Reynolds team to market and manage properties internally. The system lets you upload properties, tag each property for SEO, automatically locates the properties on the integrated google maps within the site, and includes the property with it’s available listings in a property database. The design is driven to reflect the seasonal beauty of Boulder and drive potential tenants to the many properties W.W. Reynolds owns and manages.

W.W. Reynolds has also  announced it will offer third party management. To promote their new services VOLTAGE designed brochures and a pocket folder marketing the companies expertise. Read more about W.W. Reynolds new services in the Boulder County Business Report. The brochures and marketing materials were printed on a New Leaf Imagination paper stock, made with 100% recycled fiber and 100% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine free, and manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates. How’s that for Green! It’s almost so green it’s yellow : )

The Reynolds Team has been amazing to work with and  it’s no wonder they provide the best of Boulder’s commercial development and real-estate services. VOLTAGE is proud to be associated with such well respected companies and clients in Boulder County.

Visit their website : www.wwreynolds.com

Client Profile from VOLTAGE Advertising and DesignThe Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving provides a means to give a universally appealing, heart felt, deeply considerate gift every time to everyone and anyone. Through The Gift of Giving website, you can give a charitable giftcard that is later directed to a charity selected by the gift recipient. Put simply, The Gift of Giving is a conduit for charitable giving in gift packaging.

The Gift of Giving Charitable Giftcard

VOLTAGE worked with Frank Callahan, the mastermind behind the new gift giving idea, to develop the brand and bring the concept to market. Beginning with the Identity and Brand language VOLTAGE developed a strong graphic look that is simple and straightforward. The objective was to communicate this new concept as quickly and directly as possible. Combining strong headlines and graphic quotes with powerful imagery and collages of the many different charities became the solution.
The Gift of Giving - Quote by Walt Whitman

The Gift of Giving Website had to communicate directly and quickly and this was accomplished through a simple interface and design. A strong use of imagery create the online giving atmosphere and quickly communicate the wide variety of charitable opportunities. The website was also unique in it required many custom features not typical to a regular e-commerce site. A custom backend was built enabling users to track their gifts, maintain an address book, select different gift options on purchase, customize a gifts and direct multiple gifts to different recipients.

The Gift of Giving Website

To create a memorable gift giving experience VOLTAGE designed a custom giftbox that included a Giftcard, Notecard with a personal message from the gift giver, and Company Brochure. The box opens like a gift – revealing a step by step process of discovery, ultimately revealing the colorful giftcard.

The Gift of Giving Giftbox

Looking for a unique gift to give – Try www.thegiftofgiving.com. A gift that truly makes a difference.