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We’ve been busy helping Reebok promote new shoes, custom colors, and other great product offerings with email blasts and site design updates. Here’s a few of the latest. Go customize your own DMX Sky’s.


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News from VOLTAGE Advertising and Design


Curated by NYC graffiti legend Stash, The Reebok City Classics Collection unites artists from around the world to create limited edition kicks that capture the style of each artist’s home city and kick-off a new decade in Reebok Classic Leather.

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With a slew of new shoe designs releasing from Reebok, their email marketing is also reflecting the new look and campaign. We’ve been busy promoting the new shoes with email blasts, on site graphics and interactive features, as well as site refinement and design. which we designed and launched in July 2012 has proven highly effective with double the conversion rate of the previous site.

Reebok and Bose have partnered to launch some pretty swanky headphones for the fitness market and VOLTAGE has designed online graphics and email marketing to promote the new products at

These bad boys are high in stability, sweat and water-resistance, and durability, and include a Reebok fitness armband that will keep a music player or smartphone in place. The site designed by VOLTAGE allows complete flexibility for launching unique campaigns like the Bose collaboration. Open html pockets within the site structure gives the creative team full range for developing interactive or unique layouts, adding video content, reviews, or more specific details and graphics to promote special products. As the site gets heavy traffic since it’s launch in July we’ve been able to keep it fresh and engaging to online shoppers. If you’re a Bose or a Reebok fan – then wait no longer – Buy a pair of the SIE2i earphones today.


Getting excited for Halloween? Check out this great shirt from our client Life is Good. We’ve designed an email marketing campaign and homepage graphics promoting some of Life is Good’s seasonal products.

Worthy publishing recently won Nashville’s NEXT award for this years startup in the digital media and entertainment category. VOLTAGE is excited for Worthy’s award and recognition and it’s due time we profiled this great client of ours. Working with Worthy from the start as their digital agency VOLTAGE has helped them build their brand through a robust website, e-mail marketing, social media, banner ads, pay per click, and SEO. The site was designed to be a growing catalog of titles where each book page acts as a unique landing page and is tied seemlessly into Author profiles, social content, and e-commerce sites.  So far in collaboration with Worthy, the VOLTAGE team has designed and implemented :

Check out Worthy’s site at, and some of the many book landing pages for a number of great titles.


Lace up your boots or should we say “CF Nano’s” and get to work! You can now get your favorite Crossfit shoe from Reebok – the Nano 2.0′s – in two styles of camo!! Blammo!! Get ‘em now while they’re hot! VOLTAGE blasted marketing emails and created graphic assets for to promote the new colorway for these popular new kicks.


VOLTAGE has designed a new homepage banner and email campaign for Reebok announcing their new collaboration with Alicia Keys. Alicia’s always been a fan of Reebok’s classic style and the 5411 in particular.  As she herself stated to People magazine “When I loved them, they were $54.11 . . . I’ve been a fan forever, since I was a little girl — that’s been my flow, my style.” The new designs by Alicia are classic, funky and fit for a princess.

Check out Alicia’s Reebok video.

Check out the new styles at Reebok’s site – Reebok’s Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess.


And while we’re talking about Alicia, we are loving the work on Alicia’s “Not even the King” video.



Aries Merritt, gold medalist in the 110 M hurdle, graces the homepage this month of  Reebok’s e-commerce site designed by VOLTAGE. The gold medal shoe and a  favorite of VOLTAGE staff, is the RealFlex Speed.  Check out the interview with Aries on counter kicks and more photos of the US gold medalist. An awesome all around shoe for all your fitness needs!

How did Reebok Real Flex footwear help you get the most out of your training? — Flex wear helped me get the most of my training by providing me with comfort and stability with all my exercises. Whether it be running, or weight training, Flex footwear is all I have used.


Don’t walk, but run to Reebok’s recently launched new e-commerce site. designed by VOLTAGE.  Our team is proud to have worked closely with Reebok to design and launch this new site with a handful of new features, graphics, and improved usability for a more effective shopping experience. VOLTAGE also re-designed the YOUR Reebok pages (Reebok’s custom shoe design platform ) for better usability and conversion. Time will tell what results the new design has on online sales, but recent reports prove they are up and we expect big returns for Reebok in the future. We think the new design is a Slam Dunk and will play out much like Teen Wolf’s first basketball game!

Check out the work at - and be sure to have your credit card in an easily accessible place, preferably out on your desk next to your keyboard. You would look great in a new pair of Real Flex Transitions 2.0 – custom designed to your favorite colors and patterns.Just a thought…


A few of the new features and functionality include :

• Dynamic interactive modules for product details and current brand related content.
• Larger product photography and styling.
• Related product carrousels, Reviews, and social tagging and interaction.
• Cross promotion of styles and colors.
• Easily navigable menu’s and enhanced search capabilities.
• Brand related content and videos on product detail pages.
• Product quickviews and shopping without leaving the page your on.

There are many other features planned and in the works. We thankful to be working with a wonderful team and brand that produces world class fitness products.