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If you have yet to attend Louisville, Colorado’s movie in the park this summer, now’s your chance. This Wednesday 12 Food trucks – some of Denver’s most popular – will be there to provide the grub, after which – the Classic original 80′s hit of the Karate Kid will be gracing the big screen. VOLTAGE designed the flyers and website to promote the event and to remind everyone of all the other great restaurants and stores on Louisville’s main street – we’ll be premiering this little video trailer before the film. Take a gander – and check out all these great trucks that’ll be at the park this week : Comida, PinkTank, Waffle Cakes, BICO Truck, Eighty Ate, SaltBox Street Food & Catering, Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck & Catering, Cheese Louise Food Truck and Top of the Hill Grill West!




Yes. We like to build stuff! Mostly digital stuff with mouse clicks and pencils and sketchpads, but last Friday we had an opportunity to really get down and dirty and build something in the real world to benefit others in our community.

The VOLTAGE crew spent a full day constructing pieces of a duplex home for Flatirons Habitat for Humanity. It was a perspiring day of team building that allowed us to finish and raise walls, line roofs, and install “real” firewalls.

November’s a great month to give back and give thanks – and we were definitely thankful for desk jobs after the day was done! But it was refreshing to get out of the office and build something with our hands that would benefit another.  As a team we are so thankful this time of year for our clients, partners, friends, and families, and of course, the opportunity to build stuff!

Voltage Agency Van

If you’ve been keeping up with us you may have noticed that we’ve added a new member to our team.  Allow us to explain, VOLTAGE has done a lot of mobile app development, so we figured there’s no better way to celebrate, than buying something, well… mobile. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves “Why do you need a van with more seats than you have employees?” Our response: “250 horsepower, that’s why” so don’t worry about it. Its like our good friend Henry Ford once said, Big Plans need Big Vans*, and we’ve got some big plans for the future, so ignore the logical fallacies and just roll with it.

*Not an actual quote

The beast has all ready traveled extensively and been seen from California to Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and will embark soon on a voyage to the north – very north!  More to come- in the meantime follow it’s escapades and keep up with the beast at



The VOLTAGE x HIKAKIN christmas card was ranked 2nd in Adweek’s to 10 agency Christmas cards of the year!  We’re thrilled and if you haven’t seen it yet – check it out here!  Christmas mix and video. We owe a great big THANKS to HIKAKIN for his Beatboxing Badness and to all of our clients who made this year a great year! Thanks Reebok, Worthy, Centura, Xcel, Trice, Smashburger, SmartClick, Fresh Produce, Umpqua, Bold Earth, Cloud 9 Living, WW Reynolds, Covidien, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, our friends and partners at VJ, and many many others!! 2011 was sublime, wishing you all the best! We’ve also added a new Christmas mashup from DJ Riko here!! Enjoy and have a great holiday! Thanks to the Egotist for posting as well.

Christmas Beatbox by HIKAKIN

VOLTAGE is on the prowl for junior or senior level WEB PROGRAMMERS and FRONT END DEVELOPERS to permanently join the team. If you have mastered the matrix of web programming and cross browser compatability and want a chill work environment with some great colleagues – then please drop us a resume of your mad skills at this address :

You could be one of the lucky ones to join a rapidly growing team of creative and dedicated individuals.  We work in an office that’s based in downtown Louisville, Colorado – Money magazines #1 place to live in 09, and it’s only gotten better. Just a short jaunt from Boulder and about 20 minutes from Downtown Denver. Can’t live here – that’s o.k. – if you’re really good you can work remotely in your underwear or pajamas, or whatever you prefer – just show us your code, and quick, because we’re moving at ludacris speed. Yes, we’ve passed plaid.

The perfect candidates will possess the following qualifications :

- 2-3 years experience developing websites with a good dose of HTML(5), XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP
- Lots of positive energy and attitude.
- A quick learner, is flexible and eager to attack digital challenges
- Experience collaborating with a design team to produce online campaigns,
- Has worked with wordpress and other CMS systems, or custom backends
- experience building custom Facebook pages/apps and integrating popular API’s
- attention to detail and design – loves webfonts and wants to push good type on the web
- prays daily that ie. 6 is wiped completely off the face of the earth

Advanced Programmers . . .

- You really understand PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML and Performance on the web.
- You consider yourself a website “engineer” you speak every dialect of technology
- Relish in server side management and care taking
- You really like the song Kip sang at his wedding in Napoleon Dynamite
- Even Ivan Drago couldn’t break your code!!

Also looking for a Secretary/Phone answerer.

The perfect candidate will want more than ever to answer the VOLTAGE office line and manicure nails at the same time. We won’t be surprised and will welcome any aspiring novelists, poets, or time travelers. A desire to learn basic SEO / web analytics a plus. Did we mention FREE frozen yogurt?

Email us here :

VOLTAGE is excited to announce it will be adding more account services and a strategic partner – Vladimir Jones – in 2011.  We are turning things up a notch. Yes, In the infamous words of Spinal Tap lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel – we are taking the business to “11” in 2011.

Vladimir Jones is Colorado’s most enduring, privately held, full-service agency specializing in integrated marketing, advertising, communications and insight. The agency staff of over 70 people is multidisciplinary and represents expertise in all facets of marketing communications strategy and implementation. VJ’s depth and experience will give VOLTAGE the business edge to grow with the increasing digital demand. To learn more about VJ, visit To read more pub click here

2011 will definitely be “one louder” for VOLTAGE this year. THX VJ!

VOLTAGE would like to wish everyone an Electrifying Christmas and a Positive New Year! Truly – heartfelt thanks go out to all our Clients, Friends, Family & Colleagues. We truly enjoy working with you all and thanks to your trust, support and collaboration – we have a great time doing what we love! Enjoy this mashup playlist from DJ Rico!

VOLTAGE Advertising & Design is thrilled to announce that our agency website : has been selected as the Webpick of the day from Communication Arts Magazine – the leading trade journal for visual communications and the largest creative magazine in the world showcasing the top work in graphic design, advertising, illustration, photography and interactive design.

Thanks for the love CommArts!