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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Crew at VOLTAGE. We hope that everyone has a great holiday season, and to all our clients, friends, and associates – thank you for a great year, great work, and some seriously fun times! We hope you all received and enjoy your VOLTAGE stockings! Because whether you like it or not we are stocking you in 2014!! So lookout. Check out your stockers and listen to the 2014 Xmas Mix at

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Allison our VOLTAGE elf stuffing the stockings.

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VTG Christmas-group

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VOLTAGE is stoked to be ranked number 2 in the Boulder County Business Reports Mercury 100 list of fastest-growing private companies based in Boulder and Broomfield Colorado. It’s been exciting to grow and work with some of the best clients an agency could ask for. We genuinely thank them, and credit this growth to their confidence and trust in us. So Thanks to all our clients, partners (VJ) and the growing VOLTAGE team who’s talent and dedication have fueled our progress! We’ll see what we do next year, because as Ricky Bobby’s father Reese would say - If you ain’t first, you’re last!


Voltage Agency Van

If you’ve been keeping up with us you may have noticed that we’ve added a new member to our team.  Allow us to explain, VOLTAGE has done a lot of mobile app development, so we figured there’s no better way to celebrate, than buying something, well… mobile. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves “Why do you need a van with more seats than you have employees?” Our response: “250 horsepower, that’s why” so don’t worry about it. Its like our good friend Henry Ford once said, Big Plans need Big Vans*, and we’ve got some big plans for the future, so ignore the logical fallacies and just roll with it.

*Not an actual quote

The beast has all ready traveled extensively and been seen from California to Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and will embark soon on a voyage to the north – very north!  More to come- in the meantime follow it’s escapades and keep up with the beast at



With DrupalCon Denver fast approaching, we are getting our Drupal hats on over here at Voltage. Now that VOLTAGE offers Drupal development, we are gearing up to learn from industry experts at DrupalCon Denver. From a DrupalCon Trivia Night, to our personal favorite topic: ‘No RFPs! Why Requests for Proposals are Bad for Business (and How We Can Stop Them),’ DrupalCon is going to have a wide variety of informative topics. This session is the Drupal-geeks version of the SXSW panel: OMG your RFPs are killing me!

Read more here on the anti RFP discussion

We are excited to join the Drupal community here in Denver and learn more about how we can leverage Drupal on more and more of our projects.

For more information about the convention, click here


To see what Voltage can offer for Drupal Development in Denver, send us an email at: or give us a call at 303.664.1687 to discuss your Drupal project with you.


Here at VTG, we find ourselves turning to Drupal more and more as our CMS of choice. But sometimes you gotta ask yourself, “Why Drupal?”

We’ve been asking ourselves that same question, and here is what we’ve learned:

Drupal is a powerful, robust platform–right out of the box. With the release of Drupal 7, users now have the most flexible, easiest to use version of Drupal to date. Some of the new features we have been leveraging on our latest Drupal sites are Features, (which allows developers to use a collection of different Drupal entities into a module that they can update), Views, the new administrative UI, new support for WYSIWYG editors, improved drag-and-drop admin tasks, an enhanced log-in system, a more secure password system, a new ‘shortcuts’ admin tool to access favorite sections of the admin, and a few more.

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The VOLTAGE x HIKAKIN christmas card was ranked 2nd in Adweek’s to 10 agency Christmas cards of the year!  We’re thrilled and if you haven’t seen it yet – check it out here!  Christmas mix and video. We owe a great big THANKS to HIKAKIN for his Beatboxing Badness and to all of our clients who made this year a great year! Thanks Reebok, Worthy, Centura, Xcel, Trice, Smashburger, SmartClick, Fresh Produce, Umpqua, Bold Earth, Cloud 9 Living, WW Reynolds, Covidien, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, our friends and partners at VJ, and many many others!! 2011 was sublime, wishing you all the best! We’ve also added a new Christmas mashup from DJ Riko here!! Enjoy and have a great holiday! Thanks to the Egotist for posting as well.

Christmas Beatbox by HIKAKIN

VOLTAGE is excited to announce it will be adding more account services and a strategic partner – Vladimir Jones – in 2011.  We are turning things up a notch. Yes, In the infamous words of Spinal Tap lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel – we are taking the business to “11” in 2011.

Vladimir Jones is Colorado’s most enduring, privately held, full-service agency specializing in integrated marketing, advertising, communications and insight. The agency staff of over 70 people is multidisciplinary and represents expertise in all facets of marketing communications strategy and implementation. VJ’s depth and experience will give VOLTAGE the business edge to grow with the increasing digital demand. To learn more about VJ, visit To read more pub click here

2011 will definitely be “one louder” for VOLTAGE this year. THX VJ!

Voltage along with the talented folks at Vladimir Jones have launched a variety of rich media banner ads for Xcel’s responsible by nature campaign. We’ve produced a variety of standard flash banner ads, rich media banners, and custom game banners for the Energy company. One in particular launches an energy saving game that gives the user 15 seconds to pull the plug! It’s more challenging than you’d think, and there’s an easy way to win it – but sorry, you’ll get no Cheat Codes from us! Check it out on Meebo’s network.

Robo MailVOLTAGE robo:mail

Introducing ROBO:MAIL – A hi-tech email marketing system that functions a lot like Rosie from the Jetsons. You ask, it delivers. We’ve custom designed a number of email newsletters, promos, templates and campaigns for our clients over the last few months and have been using an email marketing system that lets you pinpoint customers with laser tight precision, deliver, and track well designed marketing communications. ROBO:MAIL is a great way to get more out or your marketing dollars, in comparison with traditional advertising and direct mail methods. What our clients have liked is the flexibility to email their lists whenever they want, customize the templates themselves, or call us to create specialized graphics or campaigns. It’s Robotics at it’s best with the support of VOLTAGE cyborg designers that compute creative at unearthly speeds. Call us for details : 303.664.1687. Samples below :

Marketing Emails designed by VOLTAGE

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