We seek a dedicated word warrior aware of the pen’s power for a copywriting position at our high-energy, creative and fast-paced Louisville-based agency.

If you …

  • transition seamlessly from word play to playing well with others
  • dedicate yourself to ninja-like word wielding
  • understand terrible first drafts
  • samurai-slash bland copy from your writing without flinching
  • stitch what’s left into a kimono-quality tapestry of content
  • have 1-5 years expereince
  • perform these written contortions because you care about clients, for personal integrity, to challenge yourself, to push boundaries and to be a force for good

… we might be a good fit.

We seek motivated, attention-to-detail, problem solvers who bite their tongues rather than correct grammar in social situations (usually), but who have, nevertheless, killed conversation with discussions of hyphen use, comma splices and serial commas. We want a creative word alchemist who sighs and looks dreamy when “Strunk and White” are mentioned. We’re on the prowl for someone who avoids drama but not conflict or collaboration.

If this resonates with you…bring it. We want to see what you’ve got.