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7 Tips for Working with Developers

Communication between designers and developers can be as difficult as trying to talk to someone of a different language.

Things can get lost in translation when explaining your ideas. Creative Bloq’s article “7 Tips to Help Designers Work Better With Coders” gives us 7 tips to solve this problem with tools and resources to help.

“The project team is a team in more than name alone. Everyone is working together to achieve the same goal, and the level of collaboration determines how efficiently the different parts become one.”

  1. Learn something about code
  2. Get a developers eye view of mockups
  3. Describe ideas in a practical manner
  4. Use style guides
  5. Create a live style guide
  6. Follow these best practices
  7. Use these handy tools

Visit creativebloq.com to read the original article and get more tips.



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