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& Development
Technology powers business, and business powers the world. That’s why we match our technology expertise with businesses: to be a collective Force For Good.


an expert-level squad of senior software engineers and technologists who are always pushing the envelope with leading platforms and technologies to deliver the highest results.

What defines us


Assess. Select. Execute. Repeat. Code moves business forward, technology selection steers, and expert assessment navigates. And, similar to airplane flights which are off course 99% of the time, frequent micro course corrections get you to your destination 100% of the time.

Build to Last

Just because a technology is new and shiny doesn’t mean it’s a good choice (though it could be). We implement cutting-edge solutions on well-maintained platforms and technologies. Add in our top-quality, maintainable code and you get solutions that last three times longer than the industry standard.


Start with a balanced solution, somewhere between out-of-the-box (clunky) and entirely custom (expensive). Mix in a thoughtful amount of user capabilities and control. Never compromize functionality, performance or world-class aesthetic.

Primary Services

Shopify Plus

VOLTAGE has been guiding brands through the eCommerce world as a Shopify partner for 7+ years.

Custom Development

As an early adopter of Laravel, VOLTAGE founded the Laravel meetup in 2014.

WordPress + WooCommerce

If you’re looking for flexibility, there's almost nothing WordPress and WooCommerce can't do. Even our own website is on WordPress!


Our proprietary page builder makes content management in WordPress and Shopify a cinch.

Online Compliance

WCAG AA for ADA compliance. GDPR and CCPA for data compliance.

What we do every day

Technical Consulting

  • Ecommerce strategies and solutions
  • Technical diagnosis and problem solving
  • Digital capabilities assessment
  • Platform evaluation and selection
  • Technology roadmapping
  • Testing and optimization
  • Creative problem solving
  • Data collection and analysis
  • De-risking high-risk digital campaigns

Web Development

  • Website and web app development
  • Custom solutions and products
  • APIs and integrations
  • Website maintenance
  • Server management
  • Cloud architecture
  • Software design
  • Data engineering
  • Process automation


  • Ecommerce theme development
  • Ecommerce apps and integrations
  • Certified Shopify development
  • Expert WooCommerce development
  • Certified Laravel development
  • Expert chatbot partner
  • Accredited ADA compliance development
  • GDPR compliance
  • CCPA compliance


Last takeover we did got lauded in praise. Thanks for making us look like heroes.
– Nick Arneson, Senior Digital Content Manager, adidas


VOLTAGE has been an amazing partner for Chipotle since 2014. They have helped us build tools to Cultivate a Better World in the communities that surround our restaurants, built tracking and automation around our food traceability program, and brought countless creative ideas to the table that make our restaurant experience better. We lean on VOLTAGE when we need a very quick implementation, or technology that would take us much longer to build internally— they have never let us down. Since 2014 we have given been able to host over 228,000 fundraisers and donated over $71M back to local schools, teams, and non-profits. Most recently they helped us feed 200k Healthcare Heroes on the frontlines, and did so literally overnight. None of this would have been possible without the work of Steven, Troy, Raph, Eric, Paul and the rest of the team at VOLTAGE.
– Kevin McCulloch, Brand Activation Manager, Chipotle Mexican Grill


I just wanted to take a second to say “thank you” for all the hard work over the past few weeks. I could not be happier with the results! As usual you guys crushed it!!
– Ian Rich, eCommerce Site Experience Manager, Reebok


Before working with VOLTAGE, I never knew that there would be a web development partner that I could trust so much. While working with Paul and Winter, I felt like they aligned with the needs of my brand. They were up for any challenge I threw at them while also giving some honest feedback in trying to find an easier (and often cheaper) way to achieve my goals. I have come accustomed to agencies trying to push the biggest most expensive project on me, but the people at VOLTAGE are always trying to find the most sensible solution for your brand. That trust is invaluable and I can’t wait to work with them again when I have the opportunity.
– Jeremy Dodge, Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, “I and love and you”​ pet care


I’ve worked with 15-20 agencies and you are head and shoulders above them. Great job!

– Clint Peterson, Managing Partner, Peterson Partners


Voltage has been an indispensable partner to keep our digital presence looking great and running smoothly 24×7. Any idea or request that we have, Voltage finds a way to execute and make it work within our budget and timeline.

– Nick Parente, Marketing Manager, Desktop Metal


Voltage is a tremendous partner. From website development to project management, the people at Voltage brought much-needed skill, experience and expertise to our project. They’re also highly professional and invested in our success—not just theirs. That’s always a bonus.

– Tim Skillern, Director of Marketing and Communications for Advancement, University of Colorado

CU Giving 2019 Donor Impact Report

CU wanted to tell multimedia-rich stories of how donors in 2019 made a major impact on the world. We made it happen.

Chipotle Community Fundraising

Our custom web app takes the pain out of scheduling, managing, and reporting fundraisers.

Milani Cosmetics

Personalizing the online cosmetics shopping experience with Laravel.


VOLTAGE gives SecureSet a digital makeover


VOLTAGE helped launch this celebrity hair care line internationally with a standout eComm store.

Reebok Showroom

Reebok Showroom


Our project process is a mixture of waterfall and agile methodologies: we plan as best we can waterfall-style but also conduct weekly client meetings touching on sprint review and planning.  Internally we work in sprints.

Kick-off meeting

We’ll formalize how we work together, review the process and schedules, go over timeline and budget, set communication methods, and generally get synced up.

Discovery meeting

Maybe you have a list of requirements. Or maybe you need a little help figuring out what’s possible — and then dreaming big. A discovery meeting is the time for us to review your requirements and help you and any stakeholders set goals, objectives, metrics, and any desired outcomes.

Creative strategy

Internally, we’ll huddle with our strategists and creative team to set out a strategy that will help us meet your requirements. The result is the all-important creative brief.


Things start coming to life with research, customer journey mapping and wireframing. These initial designs will show how our solution meets your project’s requirements without the hang-ups of colors, fonts, logos, and graphics.


Get ready to see some design magic! We’ll present one or several design options for your team to take in and give feedback on.


Once we lock down the design, we head into a development phase comprised of traditional Scrum ceremonies held internally (backlog grooming, sprint planning, stand-ups, sprint reviews and retrospectives).


Taking time for quality assurance is important at key points during development, but particularly through the pre-launch stage. A site can look amazing, but if it doesn’t work flawlessly, you’ve wasted a lot of money.

Pre-launch checklist

Our pre-launch checklist is the key to a smooth and stress-free launch.

Launch party

Ready, set… launch! We’ll push the big green button* and verify everything is working as expected, verifying against our extensive post-launch checklist. *There’s no big green button.


We’ll be here to ensure things are running smoothly through the lifecycle of your site. Whether you choose to end your contract after launch, check in periodically to get the latest updates, or keep us on hand for more continuous supervision, you can always count on VOLTAGE to back you up with efficient, up-to-date expertise.

Many of our clients hire us to continually update, improve and maintain their websites or web apps.  In these cases we use a simplified scrum approach.  A weekly client status meeting serves as a combined sprint review and planning where we show what we’ve accomplished, remove blockers and establish upcoming priorities.  During the week we hold regular backlog grooming, stand-ups and retrospectives internally.

Very carefully.  In our kick-off meeting we explain our tactics for staying on track.  These include weekly status meetings, weekly status reports and weekly budget updates.  Regular communication plus our predictible process allow us to work with you to intelligently overcome any obstacle.

With VOLTAGE, you always get the A team. Rather than scale our business with more people, we grow by specializing and raising our level of expertise and quality. Every member of our team has senior-level experience and is an expert in what they do. (But we do hire the right people at the right time. Let us know if that’s you.)

No.  (See the previous question about not having a B team.)  Though we can promise we charge less per hour than our legal advisors!  Our team is all expert-level and US-based, and it’s difficult to keep top talent from tech giants.  If you’re not looking for top-quality, consider fiverr or an offshore dev shop.

Apparel, universities, startups, 3D printers, airlines, boats, refrigerators, dog food, software services, restaurants, construction, motivational speakers, goverments, other agencies, beauty, cybersecurity, wearable tech, energy, churches, investment groups, photographers, grocery stores, hotels, media outlets.  It turns out our expertise and process result in wildly successful digital projects across the board.

We specialize in custom web apps and eCommerce.  Most of our clients are either selling direct to consumers via eCommerce or would like to apply cutting-edge eComm strategies in unique ways to get ahead in their own industries.

  • Give you an honest and knowledgeable assessment of your digital technologies
  • Choose platforms that will work for you over the long haul
  • Design and develop a website that will stand out and perform
  • Maintain and optimize a website you already have
  • Get your website working beautifully across desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Launch an eCommerce brand
  • Run tests on your website to help you get better results
  • Roadmap your technology plan and navigate complex options
  • Automate predictible processes and streamline operations
  • Help you appear higher in search results
  • Create a data management plan that complies with data regulations including GDPR and CCPA
  • Get your website to meet ADA accessibility standards
  • Integrate apps – or streamline the ones you have
  • Bring your ideas or digital product to life

Besides our people and our process, we’ve developed our Kinetix page builder framework for Shopify and WordPress.  This serves as a foundation for building website themes based on reusable, object-oriented components; our themes allow your website to look amazing while keeping it true to your brand.

We also specialize in ADA remediation tools and processes to help get your site compliant quickly.  When you work with VOLTAGE, you know you’re working with a team of true experts who both understand what needs to be done and how to do it.

  • Free spec work.  We all have important things to do, and presenting half-hearted solutions to people we don’t know doesn’t help anyone.  We’d rather start a relationship built on trust and partnership.
  • Pretend to know everything.  How does that help anyone meet their goals?
  • Assume we’re always right.  Digital is one continual experiment, and we’re testing every day.  We just happen to have experience from thousands of tests as a starting point.
  • Work with technologies, platforms or programming languages that aren’t our core competency.  We’re well connected and will gladly refer you to an appropriate vendor in these situations.
  • Sell you stuff you don’t need.  Seriously?

Like what you see?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us to find out how our technical expertise can supercharge your business. We’re ready to make an impact together.