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With 100-200 in-restaurant fundraisers across the nation every single day, Chipotle needed a team of innovators that could simplify the tedious fundraiser process. Voltage created a one-of-a-kind automated online system and will continue to meet the demand.

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With disparate international, e-commerce, and brand teams trying to keep up with fast-paced apparel seasons, the company's US e-commerce team wanted a code-savvy, style-conscious digital team to take their in-house marketing and web efforts to the finish line. Voltage was chosen for its innovative design work and one-stop digital workflow.

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Already established in Sweden as the go-to for outdoor equipment, Fjällräven wanted to bring that success to the US and needed a digital team that was up for the challenge. From a new website to national TV ads, Voltage created one-of-a-kind work that attracted trendsetters and nature enthusiasts alike.

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As their consumer base grew SmartWool seized the opportunity to take Voltage on as an e-commerce digital partner. Voltage helped increase reach with successful web ads and is in works has helped to launch their new loyalty program.

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To establish itself as the king of retro kitchen appliances, Big Chill needed a team of designers and developers that could bring the whimsical designs and vibrant colors of the products to life with head-turning digital work. A new website was just the start and the Voltage team continues to create work that aligns with the brand's signature vintage look.

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Crocs has sold 200 million pairs of shoes in over 90 countries. To support their growing e-commerce and creative teams, Crocs partnered with Voltage to implement marketing strategies, produce email and web video, and launch their new Mega Menu.

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Plug into a team that rocks. Check out the success stories below and discover some of the terrific results we delivered for Reebok, Chiptole, SmartWool and the Denver Broncos.


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