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Rev your customer connection

Everyone wants a test drive. And an online customization app lets your customers take your products for a spin.

Just ask BlueStar Cooking. BlueStar creates world-class appliances for the home chef. But when it comes to big bucks for big flavor, people want to know what they’re getting.

Voltage cooked up a 100% cutting-edge custom configurator so BlueStar patrons could see their perfect combination of color, size, stovetop burner arrangement, and more before the big buy.

To make the old app user friendly, we put BlueStar’s original, flash-based configurator on a diet and trimmed the 65MB of images down to 4MB. Voila! Now the app loads like lighting, letting customers man-handle hue changes or adjust knobs and trim in no time. Plus, the revved up speed is responsive and shifts from desktop to mobile to iPad like a Formula 1 car at Monaco.


And, we built the entire app with Angular under the hood for:

  • Exquisite client control over configurable options through an adjustable back-end interface,
  • Supreme app stability for lower-cost maintenance,
  • Rich, interactive additions like sharing links and request-a-quotes,
  • Extensible framework for easy expansion in the future.

All in all, the BlueStar configuration takes advantage of many native browser features, ensuring it’s fast and capable, has full support for modern desktop and mobile platforms, and will be future-proof for years to come.


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Dave Barker

Dave is a West Coast native and East Coast transplant, now come to call Colorado home. He graduated in 2009 from Union College with a degree in Astrophysics, but enjoyed coding too much to stay away from it.

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