Reebok and Bose have partnered to launch some pretty swanky headphones for the fitness market and VOLTAGE has designed online graphics and email marketing to promote the new products at

These bad boys are high in┬ástability, sweat and water-resistance, and durability, and include a Reebok fitness armband that will keep a music player or smartphone in place. The site designed by VOLTAGE allows complete flexibility for launching unique campaigns like the Bose collaboration. Open html pockets within the site structure gives the creative team full range for developing interactive or unique layouts, adding video content, reviews, or more specific details and graphics to promote special products. As the site gets heavy traffic since it’s launch in July we’ve been able to keep it fresh and engaging to online shoppers. If you’re a Bose or a Reebok fan – then wait no longer – Buy a pair of the SIE2i earphones today.