Some Call It Work.
We Call It Awesome.

If you like space cats, collaborative playlists, crazy ideas, and the Game of Thrones, you’ll fit right in at Voltage. We balance work with life and create award-winning digital. We want expert developers, copywriters, and designers pre-packaged with integrity and a desire to serve.

Creative / 3.27.17

We seek a dedicated word warrior aware of the pen’s power for a copywriting position at our high-energy, creative and fast-paced Louisville-based agency.

If you …

  • transition seamlessly from word play to playing well with others
  • dedicate yourself to ninja-like word wielding
  • understand terrible first drafts
  • samurai-slash bland copy from your writing without flinching
  • stitch what’s left into a kimono-quality tapestry of content
  • have 1-5 years expereince
  • perform these written contortions because you care about clients, for personal integrity, to challenge yourself, to push boundaries and to be a force for good

… we might be a good fit.

We seek motivated, attention-to-detail, problem solvers who bite their tongues rather than correct grammar in social situations (usually), but who have, nevertheless, killed conversation with discussions of hyphen use, comma splices and serial commas. We want a creative word alchemist who sighs and looks dreamy when “Strunk and White” are mentioned. We’re on the prowl for someone who avoids drama but not conflict or collaboration.

If this resonates with you…bring it. We want to see what you’ve got.

Development / 3.14.17
Front End Developer

Tired of working 60 hours per week? Join VOLTAGE’s development team in downtown Louisville where we truly value our work/life balance.

VOLTAGE does award-winning work for Reebok, Chipotle, and the Denver Broncos. We also knock off by 5pm, encourage personal growth, and host company BBQs overlooking the Street Faire. We strive to be a Force For Good, give back to the community, and create the best family-friendly work environment. Check us out and become part of something better!

We are currently seeking a Front End Developer who supports our Force For Good mission and demonstrates positive leadership. This position requires 3-5 years front-end experience building responsive websites using the latest JavaScript and PHP frameworks. Our in-house development team specializes in WordPress, Craft, Shopify, and Laravel, and stays on the cutting edge of digital applications.

We’re specifically looking for the following:

  • 3-5 years industry experience
  • Proficiency in front-end web development including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Expertise working with PHP Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Craft; experience writing custom WordPress themes and plugins
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, and/or Backbone
  • Experience with modern-day development tools including CSS preprocessors, task automation (gulp/grunt), version control, etc.
  • Knowledge of server-side PHP frameworks
  • Understanding of APIs and JSON/XML data formats
  • Passion for implementing beautiful designs and creating pixel-perfect experiences
  • Drive to learn new programming frameworks and languages
  • Ability to work with developers, designers and project managers
  • Eager to learn from other developers and constantly change the way you develop
  • Excellent verbal skills and ability to multi-task
  • Prior agency or in-house experience with front-end development

VOLTAGE has a great culture and good benefits. Full-time employees receive health care benefits, Paid Time Off, 401K, schedule flexibility, etc.

This is a full-time on-site position at 40 hours per week, Monday – Friday near Boulder, CO. Relocation is required.

Creative / 3.3.17
UI / UX Designer

A good UI / UX designer is an expert-level visual designer and a master of user experience . You understand and adapt to every brand you are asked to work on. You consistently make good aesthetic decisions. You are able to work very efficiently while maintaining accuracy. And you are constantly finding ways of growing your skills, learning new techniques, and making our internal workflows more efficient. You see every project, big or small, as a chance to continue growing in your design career.


Demonstrable Design Skills:

  • 2-4+ years of relevant experience: agency, advertising, digital marketing experience strongly preferred
  • Ability to take a project from beginning to end with minimal oversight from an Art Director
  • A solid online portfolio of design work
  • Excellent creative problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated understanding of the fundamentals of design
  • A cursory understanding of front-end development and how your design impacts / works with the development process
  • UX Experience (Wireframes, Prototyping, User Testing)
  • The ability to work well with others both in and out of the company
  • Expert Technical Ability
  • Strong passion for pixel-precise design, organization, exploration, design challenges, and technology
  • Experience juggling multiple clients and internal projects at once


Bonus For:

  • Experience working in Sketch
  • Experience creating Invision prototypes
  • Animated prototyping experience
  • Great presentation skills
  • Experience using Google Web Designer
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