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The Current


Catching up with old friends.

The Friday Five! 7/11/2008

Move Zine


I grew up just a year or so behind Rich Jacobs, an internationally known artist and curator whose work is recognized across a variety of mediums from Etnies shoes, to skate decks, LP’s, Zine’s, and Gallery shows. I recenly caught up with Rich when I came across a site for a show he’s curating called “There is Xerox under your Eyelids”. As Rich describes the show : “An art exhibition exploring the realm of 1980’s skate zines and xerox art from a small space in time (about 20 years ago). Featuring the zines and art of the original makers / xerox tweakers / stamp lickers / mail artists, and what they do now.” —Rich Jacobs

Xerox under my eyelids show

Rich is an inspiring artist and always has been to me since high school. The show hits home as a friend and I had a “Ski-Zine” back in the day called GLUCOSE. It was great fun, and creativity ruled as none of us had any pre-concieved ideas of what “good’ design was. Rich tells us the show will be in Denver in September. We’ll keep everyone notified of dates and gallery location.


If you haven’t noticed our homepage is featuring an atari style 8 bit animation of our logo done by none other than Luke Dimick. Another friend I had a chance to catch up with recently. Luke’s an excellent cartoonist / animator and has recently produced a gripping tale of intrigue and suspense in the vintage 8 bit computer graphic style – called Prison_Beta. As luke describes it – Catastrophic events are set in motion after millions of E.T. Atari video game cartridges become radioactive as a result of being buried near the Trinity nuclear bomb test site. Check out the video here. Thus the request for our own VOLTAGE video game graphic. Check it out here if you missed it on the homepage.

Prison - Beta by Lucas Dimick


I knew Adam Koford in college, and he’s produced hundreds of comics called the Laugh out Loud cats. Very well done and funny. Take a look on flicker – or watch Adam draw on YouTube. Another great artist and cartoonist.

Koford ComicLOL Cats - Adam Koford


In case you missed the VOLTAGE homepage last week. We paid hommage to this rockin’ country. Click on the image to see the homepage.
Rock On America

We have just finished a showbill for a benefit concert in Austin featuring Billy Joe Shaver.

Billy Joe Shaver benefit concert


Makes Getting to the bathroom really fast!


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  • VOLTAGE seen in Beijing

    The Olympics have begun and a close friend of VOLTAGE and associate Nhat Meyer is there covering the event for the San Jose Mercury News. So we were thrilled when he sent us our homepage image of him wearing a VOLTAGE cap right in front of the Birds nest!