In September 2011, VOLTAGE and VJ launched Centura Health’s Distracted Driving Challenge as part of the health care provider’s BetterMe Blueprint Program. This comprehensive online program uses a foundation of email and social media to tap into drivers’ personal relationships and help them stay committed to the challenge. The driving challenge is the first in a quarterly effort to raise awarness of Colorado’s largest healthcare provider and kicks off the first of a set of unique campaign challenges that you’ll be hearing about in the future.

People who’ve register for this Challenge on the Web landing page or Facebook tab, receive weekly emails over four weeks that enable them and others in their network to track their progress. The campaign creates a personal connection to try and change behavior. Names are chosen randomly for a $50 gift card, and one person who completes all four weeks of the programs will be selected for unique prizes.

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VOLTAGE has also worked with Centura to digitally integrate VJ’s connected campaign which links Colorado’s largest health care provider to its family of brands, including 13 hospitals across the state. To do this we’ve designed, which was developed on the MedSeek platform, and added a host of hospital landing pages, campaign pages and other digital media including online banner display ads, rich ad units, and facebook apps.

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