Every creative has their “process”. So when VOLTAGE’s site needed a new look, our creative team got to work. And by “work” we mean they headed up to the mountains with a months supply of gummy bears and a Netflix subscription. They spent their rustic retreat searching for the rare and mystic ingredients for the new VOLTAGE site. They traveled rocky paths, endured scorching sun and mighty winds, suffered minor frostbite, and battled many a Boulderite in the fight for the right of way on the hiking trail, before their quest was complete. When they made their triumphant return they brought with them Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley on blue ray, a teriyaki chicken bowl, and Grizzly Adams’ beard.

And thus the new VOLTAGE site was born.

So throw on a flannel, flip on Netflix and click here to experience the site the way it was meant to be.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.56.48 AM