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We hosted a Digital Growth Meetup. It was pizza-rific.

After a looooooong hiatus from contributing to the Boulder meetup scene, WE’RE BACK. Denver/Boulder, are you ready for Digital Growth Meetups that will knock your socks off? (…our offices are a great place to get your socks knocked off. IYKYK.)

July’s meetup had us riding the lightning! Great group, great pizza, and we covered a lot of ground. Here’s a peak…

July Recap 

Enjoy a few of these soundbites we probably could have discussed all night (credit to the group)…

  • If we directed AI to evolve a perfectly optimized site, would it be any good… or more like a Sharknado situation?
  • What if we had something like “digital white blood cells” scouring the internet for where patches are needed and where customer information may be leaking?
  • Social media is chaos right now – help is needed for brands to navigate the increasing fragmentation of platforms and audiences.
  • How to fill the top of the funnel without simply throwing more money on ad spend.
  • When you’re starting a business, you can never discount the hustle. It’s basically sales in a virtual world – you have to build those relationships.
  • Greed kills great properties by building passionate communities and then trying to extract value from them. The heart of business should be community, not corporation.

…Of course we’d be remiss to leave out a mention of the pizza. Eric knows where to get the good stuff.

Don’t miss the next event! The conversation would be better with you jumping in. Coming to a studio / clubhouse / warehouse / office near you in September. Get on the list for event announcements and the occasional golden nugget of eComm insight → 


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