Type Freaks – listen up! VOLTAGE has launched a new indie type foundry, www.voltageltd.com and giving away a FREE Font at www.typefreak.com/free-font

Just sign up for our email list today at www.typefreak.com and download a FREE Font of dingbats which we are calling “DingBikes” by illustrator Chris Watson. Or subscribe to the 12 Step program and get 12 fonts for $180 ($15/font) over the following year. You’ll be surprised every month as we send a new font from a unique artist directly to your inbox. Not bad to keep the addiction rolling! Our first fonts are five new typefaces from world renowned artists and illustrators – Chris Watson, Rich Jacobs, and Ashley McKay. Our next releases will be typefaces designed by Artists Ray Fenwick and Julia Rothman.

These fonts can also be purchased individually, one by one, on www.voltageltd.com.  Plus, we’ve got  apparel, prints and more in store for those who wish to remain modest admirers.

All our Fonts are licensed to use on the Web and are OpenType working on MAC and PC platforms. Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more great type coming soon.