For the past few weeks, Voltage has been searching for a talented UI / UX designer (and we’re always on the lookout for talented designers to bring onto the team). Naturally, this has led us to look at countless portfolio submissions, resumes, and cover letters. During this process we were amazed at all the design talent our area has to offer.

Every designer knows the two most important things to have when looking for a new job are a resume and portfolio. And to help out anyone looking for a design job (here or anywhere in the world), we’ve assembled a list of three inspiring portfolios and resumes we’ve seen recently.

3 Portfolios We Love

(Note: to protect those who have applied, none of these are current Voltage applicants)

Jonathan Patterson

Why We Love It:
  • It’s clean
  • It’s minimal
  • It’s vibrant
  • It shows a great variety of work
  • It explains the work well
  • It shows a variety of digital work


Jürgen Hassler

Why We Love It:
  • It has a unique navigation
  • It does a great job describing who he is
  • It has a unique layout
  • His portfolio pieces show his thought process, strategy, and depth of the project


Guarav Baheti

Why We Love It:
  • It’s super simple and to the point
  • It takes advantage of modern design trends
  • It mixes in some humor
  • He shows his ability to design and develop a website with his portfolio


3 Great Resume Layouts

Michael Korwin’s Template

Why We Love It:
  • It takes a unique approach to the structure of a resume
  • Shows good design hierarchy


Mishq Laliwala’s Resume

Why We Love It:
  • Shows an understanding of grid systems, layout, and typography
  • Super simple design
  • Very readable


Chris Berridge’s Resume

Why We Love It:
  • The design is memorable
  • It makes it very clear who is applying for the job
  • Shows personality without being cute or unprofessional
  • Is very easily scannable for resume speed-readers



Wrap Up

A great portfolio and resume are essential tools for the designer on a job hunt. Design resumes and portfolios are often scrutinized far more than the actual work within them. So if you’re spending time trying to make yourself stand out from the crowd, make sure you’re spending it polishing up these two critical pieces of your application.