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Must-know terms when working with developers

Working with developers is all fun and games until they start speaking a foreign language.

Okay it isn’t foreign, but it can be difficult to understand. So, for the unversed among us, here are five developer-approved terms with translations to get you started.


Bless you! …Kidding. This is an acronym for “what you see is what you get”. A WYSIWYG is a program or editor that shows you a sneak peek of the end result while still being created. The best part of this one is how it’s pronounced: “wiz-ee-wig.” Fun, right?


Did someone say cookies? No, not the warm, chocolatey treasures your mom makes. These cookies are small text files that include your anonymous but exclusive identity from a website and are stored on your computer’s hard drive. This data holds information about how often you visit a site and what parts you visit. In other words, your computer remembers how many times you’ve watch that funny dog video.

CCS (Cascading Style Sheets)

A code developers use to determine how a page is presented to a user. CCS calls the shots on how your site will look and feel, and it sets the style of fonts, colors, images, menus etc.

CMS (Content Management System)

This system software lets you control the content of your website without needing extensive technical knowledge. Trust me, you’ll feel like a professional developer using a CMS. You simply log in to the back end of your website and make changes to text and images. Fun fact: you’re reading this blog thanks to WordPress, which is a CMS.


Not to be confused with Java, the software platform or the coffee. Understandably those are often confused. Javascript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. Kinda like how drinkable java makes me more interactive with people every morning…

That’s it! You’re all up to speed on dev lingo. Now go chat up those folks on the other side of the office!

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