Hanwag Site Launch from VOLTAGE Advertising + Design on Vimeo.

These German boots are made for walking Рand now they will be walking all over the U.S. VOLTAGE had the pleasure of working with HanWag to launch Hanwag.com and the US ecommerce website. Hanwag has been making superior hiking boots and footwear in Bavaria for more than 90 years. Coming from a family of shoemakers, many of these boots are still crafted in Vierkirchen, and many models are still built by hand. We especially love these double-stitched beauties.double-stitched-boot-hanwag

The website features rich content, highlighting the brands history, boot making process, and unique features with soles, and meticulous craftmanship. Check out the site, and when you need rugged, extremely well-made footwear to conquer the great outdoors, Hanwag’s the brand – Hanwag.com is where you can buy them!