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Every good movie takes place in NYC.

It’s where every band gets their start, every fashionista finds their look, and where every foreigner aspires to live.

As a designer, I am always trying to be inspired by something new and with New York being the #1 place to do so, VOLTAGE was all for supporting the trip.

In fact, VOLTAGE has allocated money for all of their employees to create a BACKSTAGE PASS for opportunities to be inspired, progress, and take big personal leaps forward so that we in turn can take the V-TEAM to the next level.

So I crammed my days with museum after museum, trying to hit all of the classics in just two days. I knew there would be tons of other famous landmarks I‘d have to pass up, but I was out to be influenced by other peoples’ work from prestigious museums and there wasn’t any room to play the tourist. Or so I thought.

Come to find, I was far more invigorated by squishing next to my neighbor on the subway than by perusing the halls of the museums. A minor detour through the Central Park Zoo proved to be much more inspiring than quietly viewing a piece of art. Even just walking through Grand Central Station got me more hyped up than my actual destination did.

The left the city, not being inspired to follow the cubist methods of Picasso, but to design using the principles I learned in seeing a highly functioning city fit over 8.4 million in only 469 square-miles.

My hat goes off to you New York City. I am officially your biggest admirer.

P.S. Turns out that the reason Central Park looks different in every movie is because IT IS HUGE!







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Laurel Brunson

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