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Quantity vs. quality

When it comes to social, consistent quality content wins.

We’re all trying to tame the wild beast that is social media, and a variety of resources claim they’ve cracked the social equation. Perhaps you’ve seen, or even employed, these posting guidelines:


How-Often-You-Should-Post-On-Social-Media-Platforms (1)



Feel excessive? You’re not alone. So how often should you post?

The truth is, it depends. Each brand’s social media menu is unique. But we can tell you one thing: quality outperforms quantity. Ask yourself these questions for improving posts:

  • Does this post represent my brand?
  • Does it deliver value to my followers?
  • Is it appropriate for my target audience?
  • Will posting this help me hit my social goals?
  • Is this post engaging?

Content that meets these criteria builds trust, engagement, and can help your SEO. You develop strong relationships with your followers the same way you would build a relationship with a friend: by delivering consistency and quality over time. All this fuels more interaction, boosts loyalty, and drives results.

Ready to start your new social journey? Before you do, check out these helpful tips:

  • Find a balance between productive and fun, and post consistently.
  • It’s not all about likes. Appreciate and interact with those that respond to your content.
  • Keep your goals in mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content. This infographic from Constant Contact has plenty of ideas to help inspire you.




Last, but not least, we’re always here to help. Now go forth and compose your social symphony!


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