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A small (but essential) selection of copywriting resources

At VOLTAGE, we write a lot. Here’s a sampling of our favorite podcasts, videos, and more.

Google “copywriting resources.” Go ahead, try it. You’ll find thousands of pages with a big list of copywriting resources that seem… meh. That’s just too much clicking and disappointment. We’ve assembled a short list of seven quality resources to read, watch, listen to, and write with.

Copy blog

Want a great source for tips, copywriting lessons, and web successes? Listen to Copy Blogger! It has hundreds of articles with content marketing ideas, editing tools, and writing to-do’s that will keep you current in the world of copywriting.

Copywriting and social media podcasts

Hot Copy is an easy-listen podcast hosted by Australian-based duo Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver. You’ll hear them and the occasional guest talk about:

  • Tools and resources
  • Freelance issues and solutions
  • Personal habits of good writers and marketing practices
  • Copywriting tips, tricks, and experience
  • Best practices when dealing with clients

The Social Media Examiner podcast dishes on the latest social media tools, best practices and new insights on this rapidly changing (and increasingly essential) aspect of marketing and copywriting. Find a veritable smorgasbord of shows, blogs and events on this site. Savvy social media implementation is harder (and more time consuming) than it looks. Podcast host, Michael Stelzner, helps us decode.


Grammar and punctuation resources

The Comma Queen, Mary Norris, copy editor and writer for The New Yorker, shows you how to master dashes, serial commas, the singular “their,” and more. With over 30 videos, this is a must watch – or at least listen to – series if you love grammar or just need some refreshers.

Or for resources on grammar, writing, and citations, the Purdue OWL (that’s short for Online Writing Lab) will enhance your copy. Use the vast guidance that this site provides to improve editing and perfect the fundamentals. When you have time, click around for fun to clear up your grammar questions.

Headline inspiration

For a short inspirational phrase, try Oblique Strategies (on Google Play and iTunes). This app shows you thought-provoking phrases. These phrases were originally made to spark creativity in the music studio. It can work just as well for your writing. Ignite a lot of ideas in a short amount of time for your deadline with this app.

Stuck on headline ideas? Tryout this headline generator. Just add three words and click “Give Me Blog Topics” to get five headlines. You may need to alter them a bit, but on a Friday afternoon, it might just do the trick.

Editing help

If you tend to over extend your sentences, use complex phrasing, or write in a passive voice, definitely check out the Hemingway Editor. It highlights these issues until you change them – if you want to. This app saves you and your editor a lot of time.

Bonus Fun

The Oatmeal will entertain you with some hilarious grammar and punctuation reminders. Take a break and look at these if you’re running into writer’s block.

Use some of these copywriting resources to fine-tune your copywriting. We’re all for constant improvement here at VOLTAGE! If you have any great resources that you’d like to share, let us know in the comments or tweet us!


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