An afternoon of creativity.

Our dedicated design team serves up unique visuals and powerful designs on a daily basis. Sometimes that intense focus on client work hampers their unfettered creative aspirations. And so began a movement to hold an afternoon of creative generation.

The goal of this creative spree?  Restriction-free design! Our team makes original content for clients, however, creativity for work’s sake is different than creativity for creativity’s sake. In a world where content is king, there’s no harm in practicing free-form creativity.

Our team unleashed their creative prowess with these simple rules:

  • All work must incorporate either a bed, a mountain, or both
  • Each designer must use one piece of analog imagery (a photo they took, a drawing they did, etc)
  • All pieces must be digitized by the end of the day and added to this invision moodboard
  • Have fun!

In just a few hours, our design team came up with several unique designs worth sharing. Ideas in a wide variety of mediums and styles made their way around the office.

Results from our Creative Generation Day

Mountain Badges: Sketches of mountains mixed with vector elements.

The value of the badges rests in their versatility as online descriptions, trail markers, and a variety of apparel.


Glitch As Art: Using error as a means of beauty.

Messages pop with these fascinating designs that can have any kind of background image. Adding animation would grab the attention of social media readers.



Mountain Rewards App: Mock rewards club mobile app.

Gamification can really hold the attention of customers for long-lasting engagement and successful marketing. Fun logos, characters and animations add to the experience. Check out the invision link for more info.

View all the results here.