To promote the launch of Reebok’s new ZPump Fusion – the VOLTAGE dev team coded up a roadblock for the homepage that stops users in their tracks and encourages them to Pump the shoe up. The new ZPump Fusion pumps up through a button on the side of the shoe and provides runners with a locked-in custom fit. This lets the shoe mold to your foot. The animation highlights the key feature of the shoe and directs the user to pre-order a pair. Go to and pump up a pair.

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VOLTAGE is a digital partner to Reebok’s in house ecommerce team. Since our original design of over 3 years ago – we have helped Reebok enhance and execute on their online marketing efforts. We have been the resource the ecommerce team needed to double there capacity and drive triple digit growth year after year in online sales. If you do big retail online and need a supporting team to facilitate rapid growth, give VOLTAGE a call. We are your best digital partner.