Introducing ROBO:MAIL – A hi-tech email marketing system that functions a lot like Rosie from the Jetsons. You ask, it delivers. We’ve custom designed a number of email newsletters, promos, templates and campaigns for our clients over the last few months and have been using an email marketing system that lets you pinpoint customers with laser tight precision, deliver, and track well designed marketing communications. ROBO:MAIL is a great way to get more out or your marketing dollars, in comparison with traditional advertising and direct mail methods. What our clients have liked is the flexibility to email their lists whenever they want, customize the templates themselves, or call us to create specialized graphics or campaigns. It’s Robotics at it’s best with the support of VOLTAGE cyborg designers that compute creative at unearthly speeds. Call us for details : 303.664.1687. Samples below :

Marketing Emails designed by VOLTAGE

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