Celebration of VOLTAGE Studio - the bolt goes fashion statement

1. VOLTAGE opens shop in Provo, Utah.

Yes, Steven has left the Louisville headquarters with laptop in hand to conquer his college degree. While in pursuit of higher learning he will also be in pursuit of the VOLTAGE empire. He’s kicked out some very clean code and helped put together some great web-designs and we are thrilled to keep him as part of the team! He’s been integral to the mass amount of work that’s been put out this summer and has proven he’s ELECTRIC on the keyboard – just watch this video if you don’t believe me!

2.VOLTAGE Tees are here . . . and now they’re gone . . .

To add to the arsenal of VOLTAGE Schwag the Bolt tees were printed and just about as quickly as the ink dried they were pretty much gone! More will be on the way.
VOLTAGE Bolt T-shirt
We’ve gone a little bolt crazy lately if you can’t tell by our fridge.

3.The Coolest SCREENSAVER I’ve ever seen!

DropClock is an awesome screensaver featuring Heavy Block Helvetica dropping into water on a black background! Download it and enjoy! Absolutely hands down the coolest screensaver I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how else to emphasize that this is jawdropping cool.

By the way . . . we love the fact that we never do this on Friday and barely ever post once a week. but we’ll keep trying!

4. HUSHIE – My new favorite search engine – www.hushie.com

Hushie, music search engine

Hushie is a music search engine that filters the honey from the hive of musical goodness – become a fan.

5. MetroScript’s on sale till September 15th at MyFonts!

VOLTAGE Advertising and Design script logo
Good type is always worth the price, but when it’s on sale . . . BONUS!