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VOLTAGE produces new app for Fjällräven US sales team.

You probably haven’t heard of them, and you definitely can’t pronounce their name right, (the j is silent), but Fjallraven has been a mainstay in Swedish clothing for over 5 decades.

After dominating the Nordic market they have finally decided to make the leap across the Atlantic and try their hand at distributing in the U.S. Their legendary Kanken backpacks find the perfect balance between fashionable and practical and to top it off they are made with exquisite detail, right down to their sleek arctic fox logo. Garnering frequent write-ups from the style mavens over at GQ, as well as countless other blogs and outdoors magazines, Fjallraven shows that you can make great outdoors gear that is actually cool looking and classic, proving once again that when it comes to style, sometimes its just best to trust those crazy Europeans.

VOLTAGE has designed and produced a Fjallraven iPad catalog and sales tool with their launch into the American market so people can finally see what the U.S. has been missing out on for the past 50 years. Check out the demo – the app is produced for the sales team only, so sorry if you were hoping to find it in the app store. No worries, though, VOLTAGE will be launching the commerce site in the fall that will be as jaw-dropping as this little technical beauty!


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