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Voltage and adidas® in the zone

We worked with multiple adidas teams to help launch the new Z.N.E. clothing line

Our challenge:

Create display banner assets, a homepage takeover and a product landing page that expressed the unique selling points of the new adidas Z.N.E. product line while using minimal text and leveraging existing global creative.

Our Strategy:

By helping the brand, eComm and retail teams get organized and find overlap, we were able to provide streamlined assets for them on a tight time frame.

Our Example:

The Outcome:

The Z.N.E. project launched on-time and within budget. We acted as a hub between three teams that needed assets for this launch, thereby helping them save money, time and effort while ensuring consistency by leveraging one in-house creative production team.

Learn more about the adidas’s innovative Z.N.E  line here:


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