Tools for integrity

After Chipotle’s bout with food safety last year, they’re tackling adversity head on using fresh techniques designed for better safety. Chipotle retooled their ingredient monitoring process to keep tabs on each morsel from the farm to the moment it hits the table.

Voltage proudly teamed with Chipotle to keep customers safe with a new and innovative traceability application for tracking shipments. It adds some seriously groundbreaking stuff to their toolkit. Here’s what our app allows Chipotle to do:

  • Give ingredients and suppliers a Global Trade Item Number.
  • Label every case of ingredients with a barcode that stores info about the contents.
  • Allow every box to be scanned at every stop along the way.
  • Monitor each store’s scanning and contact them if a scan is missed.
  • Store all this info at a central data bank for monitoring.
  • Account for each ingredient, every step of the way.
  • Ensure a quick response should something need to be recalled.
  • Increase accountability with real-time data.
  • Easily communicate across regions with a built-in chat feature for team leaders.


Step-by-step accountability is key to better food safety, and Chipotle is the first to implement such a cutting-edge traceability tool. Check out Chipotle’s video highlighting their new practices. While our developers designed this app specifically for Chipotle’s food safety, custom internal apps are powerful tools for many businesses.

If you need to:

  • Track your operations and improve overall performance,
  • Reinforce internal accountability for necessary tasks,
  • Quickly and effectively identify and manage missteps,
  • Increase efficiency,
  • Improve communication,
  • Track inventory,


Or manage many other internal administrative details, our development team is here to help. The right app can save time and money while better serving your customers. Contact us at or by calling 303.664.1687 to boost your business’s efficiency.