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Big buzz. Big brands. Reebok does omnichannel.

Why does omnichannel matter?

Omnichannel marketing is shaping up to be the next big thing for customers and marketers alike. We pulled together five key reasons your company should begin omnichannel now and added an example of how athletic company Reebok launched their omnichannel experience.

Often confused with multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing seamlessly blends the customers experience over multiple platforms. Shopping on mobile? No problem. The items you selected earlier on your desktop are still there. And when you go into a brick-and-mortar store, there’s carryover, there, too. Perhaps tablets placed in the store help you finish your purchase after you’ve tried things on.

There’s plenty of reading out there if you want a deeper omnichannel explanation, like this or this.

But WHY DOES OMNICHANNEL MATTER? Because good omnichannel implementation creates tremendous benefit.

Customers receive a seamless experience and tailored interactions like this.

Added convenience means customers are more likely to make a purchase. (Source)

Brands are able to collect more detailed information about their audience. (Source)

Omnichannel customers spend more. (Source)

Your brand garners better exposure. (Source)

We’ve seen these benefits first hand, thanks to our omnichannel work with Reebok.

Reebok debuted an onsite showroom at the 2016 CrossFit Games. Voltage helped create the omnichannel experience. Reebok’s CrossFit Games showrooms allowed spectators to see the products the athletes wore. Spectators could feel the fabrics and discover the features firsthand.  They could even try them on.  

Then, using an iPad with a Voltage-created app, they added the gear they wanted to their basket and transferred the purchase to their phone for completion of the seamless omnichannel experience. Reebok plans to debut this omnichannel showroom across the country in coming months.

If you want to build omnichannel into your marketing and capture a better customer experience, Voltage can help. Contact us for more information and to learn what options are best for you.

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