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Bike To Work Day

Being a force for good is in our blood.

Combine that with the classic Colorado active lifestyle, and you’ll understand why Bike to Work Day is such a big deal for VOLTAGE.

All employees were encouraged to dust off their bikes and hit the road in honor of our first ever Bike to Work Day. Our team didn’t disappoint.

96% of our employees showed up to work on two wheels or two feet (and one person on a longboard!) the morning of June 22nd. The awesome yogurt bar breakfast and Lucky Pie lunch probably had something to do with the high numbers, but that’s beside the point. That big percentage earned VOLTAGE the 10th best participation rate out of 779 companies taking part in the event.

And there are many non-food related reasons to participate in Bike to Work Day:

  • It’s an excuse to wear workout clothes to the office.
  • The breeze as you bike is quite refreshing.
  • It reduces traffic and parking issues for the City of Louisville.
  • You don’t feel guilty eating that second slice of Lucky Pie pizza (Ok, that’s still food related.).
  • You can chat with awesome coworkers as you walk.

bike to work

Bike to Work Day helps researchers study the effects of taking 25,000+ cars off the road (SOURCE). Plus, tons of local businesses jump in with free goodies to encourage you along your journey. And we love that our city and county supports such an environmentally and physically healthy event.
We had a blast this Bike to Work Day, and you can be sure we’ll be taking part next year.


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