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Using the ordinary to build the extraordinary

We all have our gifts.

adidas and Reebok craft killer shoes. VOLTAGE crafts digital that kills it. It’s only natural we teamed up with these two top-tier clients to launch the adidas  AlphaBOUNCE and Reebok JJ I  landing pages.

The sites needed to be slick, eye-catching, and high-tech. But how do you take an ordinary landing page and transform it into something extraordinary without breaking the bank? You make the most of the code, tools, and layouts you already have.

We started with the shoes themselves. We wanted them to stand out. Interactive, 360-degree views added eye-popping visuals, giving customers the chance to examine the sneakers in a user-controlled setting that translates seamlessly from desktop to mobile.


We added other show-stopping aspects, like pulsing 3D animations and gritty background videos, bringing motion to a traditionally static environment. In fact, the AlphaBOUNCE page was so striking, the men’s aramis print sold out in less than 24 hours.


On their own, the bold graphics and futuristic effects intrigue and captivate, but the bigger picture reveals what’s special about this project.

Voltage pushes the limits of digital by leveraging existing resources – think traditional code, everyday functions, and back-end management systems – to create something new and drive conversions. And while we have multiple technical capabilities, utilizing the tools at hand in this case produced stunning results quickly and efficiently.

The combined efforts of developers, designers, project managers, copywriters, and the clients themselves helped elevate the work to a new level, while still operating within an established system. Resourceful is our middle name!
If you’re looking to create extraordinary work with your current resources, VOLTAGE can help.


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