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Gen Z Campaign

Documentary art direction & promo materials

The Chosen is having a moment – more than a moment. Even with their 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the show's marketing team felt like one audience remained untapped: Gen Z. Could they get them to watch a show about Jesus? What would their reactions be? A Gen Z documentary aimed to find out, and to share it with the world they needed some design support.

In-Film Graphics


Just like with film, nothing happens by magic and every design choice is intentional: We chose a prismatic effect to represent viewpoints and shifting perceptions, pairing it with blue and red gel filters to create drama and make this shoot stand apart. We even gave the series' signature font an update with brightened colors, a custom emoji set, and some bold highlighting to help the thinner lines of the brand font retain contrast.

Art Direction & Photoshoot


Our team provided art direction for photography and styling, then sent a photographer on-site to capture each of the cast members, coaxing their individual personalities to shine through.

Social promo


Social would be key for this campaign. Our team provided some conceptual thinking, evolving the visual story for this emoji-loving audience and encouraging them to share their own reactions with the world. Our directive: Avoid #cringe.

Documentary swag


We love designing a good T-shirt almost as much as Gen Z loves wearing one. Our crew churned out a slew of fresh designs that dropped with the documentary. This 14,000-sold design translates the popular band tee story into a "world tour" feat. Jesus and His disciples.

Big ideas


What if we promoted a watch party to watch... a watch party? One of the benefits of tapping into an external creative team like ours is the fresh brain power: We're always in the mode of generating ideas & solving problems, which means you get a whole lotta been-there, seen-that creative juice.



Aaron Walser, Creative Director
Vanessa Wainwright, Associate Creative Director
Zach Litoff, Designer
Cam Östman, Photographer
Julie Overby, Producer
Mystery Box, Video Production

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