On May 15th former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, and five-time heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, went head-to-head in a boxing match for charity. Held in Salt Lake City, the inaugural Fight Night event raised money for the nonprofit medical service organization and VOLTAGE client, CharityVision. We provided design and development work for the Fight Night website where attendees purchased tickets and donated money. Additionally, Voltage was one of the many Fight Night sponsors.

Romney, 68, and Holyfield, 52, squared off in the ring for two rounds, jabbing light-hearted punches. The governor held his own, though, throwing a punch that knocked Holyfield to the ground and drew cheers from the crowd. Mitt Romney is a well-known supporter and sponsor of CharityVision. He traveled to India with the charity earlier this year to assist in their work.

Fight Night raised $1,000,000 at the event alone, excluding ticket sales.  This will provide 40,000 corrective, sight-giving surgeries to people and supply medical resources to doctors in underprivileged countries. We loved the opportunity to be a force for good and help support such a reputable organization with a vision to make a difference.

fight night event