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Finding inspiration in a digital world

The digital industry moves at lightning speed. Inspiration is essential to survival.

Those of us working in the digital space know what we want. We’re looking to elevate our brands to an Uber or an Airbnb. We want to break industry molds in ways that will inspire, change and captivate our audience.

But work in the digital space can sometimes feel like herding cats. You know what I mean – just when you think you’ve got “it” down, the algorithm changes. What you thought you mastered, now doesn’t matter at all.

This type of constantly evolving, creative work requires a lot of inspiration. It requires risk taking and thinking outside the box. So what happens when our inspiration runs dry? How do we stay inspired to bring our best creative and strategic minds to the table each and every day?

As a digital producer, I am called to bridge the gap between our clients and our internal team of designers and developers. Keeping both teams inspired, focused and energized to meet goals and deadlines can often tax my creative and strategic juices. I often look up from my computer screen and realize that I’ve simply run myself dry. At which point, I know I need to be refilled.

Here are some things that I do when I’ve let my inspiration fuel tank run low:

  • Listen to podcasts about business, marketing and entrepreneurs on my drive to/from work.  Check out “Planet Money” by NPR or “Social Media Marketing” by Social Media Examiner.
  • Walk over to our local library to check out the non-fiction book section. I highly recommend “Breaking Busy” by Alli Worthington or “Presence” by Amy Cuddy.
  • Drive to the thrift store, just for “the hunt” (often leaving with a sweater I didn’t really need).
  • Hit up the local craft store to dream up my next big DIY project.

Here are some ideas that I’ve heard work for other people:

  • Step outside. Go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air. Marvel at the mountains or the unique building architecture around you.
  • Play with your kids (or furry friends). You never know what they’ll do next.
  • Wander the world wide web. Let your curiosity run wild as you see what other brands and markets are producing. Don’t stick to typical sites you visit for mental breaks, adventure out!
  • Talk to a friend, co-worker, or even a stranger. Sometimes the perspective of someone else is all you need to spark a new idea.


To be out most effective, to produce great work, we need to make inspiration a priority in our lives.  Challenge yourself to complete these action items that help keep your tank full.

Action Item: Don’t let your inspiration run dry! Make it a monthly priority in your team meetings to discuss how each of you find inspiration. Take a few minutes to share where you find your inspiration with someone else and something that you’ve discovered recently that you found inspirational.

*Don’t limit it to the digital space. Some of the best ideas come from outside of our industry!

Extra Action Item: Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or sharing a “dumb” idea. Inspiration comes as we build off of what has been done before. Be brave and share your ideas, you never know where it will lead.


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