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Fource for Good vs hurricane force winds

Voltage clients use Fource for Good program to donate to charity.

Harvey. Irma. Jose. Maria.

Like much of the country, we followed the paths of these unprecedented hurricanes with a mixture of awe and dismay. Dismay for the lives lost and utter devastation left in their wake. 

And with awe for the courage and resilience demonstrated by so many first responders and everyday people in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the numerous islands affected by the recent rash of storms. First responders like those in the U.S. Coast Guard during Hurricane Harvey. The Coast Guard deployed 2,060 personnel, 50 aircraft, 75 boats and 29 cutters, rescuing 11,022 people and 1,384 pets.

We’ll just say that again. 11,022 people rescued.  

As the U.S. Gulf Coast, Florida, Puerto Rico, and other regions recover from the effects of the record-breaking hurricanes, we felt compelled to add our force. A Fource For Good. That’s why, in partnership with our clients, we donated to the Red Cross hurricane relief fund.

The Voltage Fource for Good program lets our clients donate Voltage profits to a charity of the client’s choice. We donate 4% of our profits to charities our clients choose over the course of the year. For the hurricane efforts, we recently gave $1,801.09 to the Red Cross.

Clients also chose to donate to Building Bridges, an organization that empowers youth to empathize with one another as well as create leadership. And the International Hearing Dog, Inc, a charity that provides trained pooches to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, recently received a $1,013.20 Fource For Good donation, as well.

These nonprofits greatly help a variety of people. In the case of those who have endured the recent hurricanes, we hope our contribution will aid in the reconstruction of their homes, small businesses, and lives.

The effects are difficult but important to visualize. This time-lapse from NASA shows Hurricane Harvey dumping a whopping 40+ inches of rain over the Gulf Coast.


Thousands of people affected by these hurricanes still lack power. Just for Hurricane Harvey:

  • Nearly 800,000 households have contacted FEMA for disaster assistance (FEMA)
  • Over two hundred DOI employees contributed to FEMA assignments for the hurricanes (DOI)
  • The Red Cross has provided over one million overnight stays for those affected by hurricanes (Red Cross)

And in Puerto Rico:

  • 95% of the population does not have electricity, and it may take up to 10 months to restore
  • 80% of all agricultural crops were destroyed
  • 55% of people do not have access to clean drinking water
  • Only one hospital is fully functioning as of this week

fource for good against hurricane forces

For more information on our Fource for Good program, call 303-664-1687 or email us at info@voltagead.com.


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