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Our 10 favorite social feeds

There’s no denying we spend a good chunk of our time watching, liking, and sharing on social media.

It’s part of our job, and it’s certainly part of our personal lives. But us ad folks can be pretty particular when it comes to the feeds we follow, so we compiled a list of our top 10 favorite brands on social media. Peep the what, why, and where below:


What it is: A platform built for design collaboration.

Why we love it: Invision boasts a deep well of original content we actually want to click on when it pops up in our newsfeed.

Where we follow them:




What it is: Stylish, sustainable shoes.

Why we love it: Allbirds really knows how to work a visual. Their posts feature a variety of video, photography, and stop motion graphics we can’t help but watch.

Where we follow them:




Nat Geo

What it is: That publication with all those iconic photos.

Why we love it: National Geographic is our go to for groundbreaking imagery that tells an honest story. Their photos are worth a thousand words and then some.

Where we follow them:



What it is: That place you go to at 11PM for nuggets and a frosty.

Why we love it: Wendy sure knows how to throw some shade and gain a following in the process. We’re still laughing at this Twitter exchange from March.

Where we follow them:


Bonus! Here’s a full list of Wendy’s Twitter sass.


Martha Stewart

What is it: So much more than baked goods.

Why we love it: Martha Stewart’s Instagram page is a true visual feast. Seriously. Just go look at it.

Where we follow them:



What it is: Pancakes, bacon, and everything nice.

Why we love it: There’s no way around it… Denny’s is weird. And we love it. From egg puns to odd photos, Denny’s nails their social voice and doesn’t shy away from new social tools and trends.

Where we follow them:


Topo Designs

What it is: A Colorado-based outdoor company with a penchant for design.

Why we love it: Holy wanderlust, Batman! Topo uses Instagram to highlight the various capabilities of their stylish gear and capitalize on their multiple partnerships. Their established photographic style drives home a look we can’t get enough of.

Where we follow them:



What it is: The hub for all things nerdy.

Why we love it: Nerdist has their audience dialed to a tee and creates in-depth video content with the viewer in mind. Their 2.2 million YouTube subscribers enjoy fandom-focused playlists and videos breaking down the science behind classic video game maneuvers.

Where we follow them:



What it is: A digital media company focused on women.

Why we love it: From fashion to entertainment to politics, Refinery29 keeps it real. They use social media to empower their female audience with boatloads of original material. Content marketing is alive and well, people, and Refinery29 has it nailed.

Where we follow them:





What it is: Refinery29’s male-focused counterpart.

Why we love it: Esquire delivers serious original content with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm. Their use of tailored copy on social adds approachability to otherwise daunting topics like fashion, politics, and *gasp* women.

Where we follow them:




There you have it. Our favorite social feeds to follow and why. Did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment below to add to the list, and in the meantime… see you online.


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