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The LockIn FJ Cruiser is in the wraps!

LockIn Security's FJ Cruiser designed by VOLTAGE Advertising + Design

In leiu of doing a full on tradeshow booth for LockIn Security – a client who has developed an innovative new trailer lock and security system – VOLTAGE has designed a traveling booth or should we say trailer – that is fully equiped with the actual security system, as well as compelling graphics, company brochures, and dvd’s. The trailers proven a success as the team has sold a number of systems allready before the locks have even hit the production line. It’s a slam dunk when you see the trailer and how the lock actually works!
LockIn Quote - Scott Edwards

“Our truck and trailer are literally our Trade Show booth. We are a start-up, but at our first trade show we looked and felt like a million bucks. I can’t tell you how many positive comments we had on our graphics.”

– Scott Edwards of LockIn

To find out more about LockIn Security – check out their website, or Video.


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