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VOLTAGE Advertising and Design has just completed designing the Umpqua Feather Merchants 2009 Fly Fishing Catalog. The 280 page catalog features all of  Umpqua’s fishing flies, tying materials, and other fishing accessories and gear, along with photos, stories, and anecdotes of Umpqua employees doing what they do best . . . Fishing! The new design has been touted with astounding reviews by the company president Jeff Fryhover and other employees. Kelly Pfeiffer – Acounting Manager commented : “Everyone is saying this is the best catalog we’ve EVER had in Umpqua’s 36 year history!…. EVERYONE.”
Everyone is saying this is the best catalog we’ve EVER had in Umpqua’s 36 year history!.... EVERYONE.
VOLTAGE has been engaged by Umpqua to further design and help launch a new streamside accesories line of Flyboxes and tools. Keep an eye on the VOLTAGE Blog for more news on packaging design for Umpqua. One of the exciting parts of the project is getting to know the huge variety of flies Umpqua produces. Each one is a work of art in itself, not to mention the great names each one of these critters goes by . . . A few of our favorites are the “Meatwhistle”, the “Punkbait”, the “Gen-X Bunny”, and the “Butt Munch Beetle” – the list goes on and on. Check out their website to see the crazy selection.
Who wouldn't want to take a bit out of the meat whistle?
Umpqua Punkbait flyPike fly

Umpqua is an industry standard in the fly world, producing, as they say on their website, “umpteen thousand dozen flies, from micro-scopic midge imitations to the huge patterns favored by marlin and sailfish.” The “Umpquality” – is apparent in their products. To learn more about Umpqua – read the article in the Denver Post

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