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Making the dream work: A look inside VOLTAGE’s creative process

They say teamwork makes the dream work. Well, whoever “they” are really knew something.

Recently, we had the opportunity to pitch adidas some new work, and the VOLTAGE crew stepped up with creative ideas and eager initiative. The entire process looked a little something like this:

Identify the problem

adidas needed help communicating their running technology benefits to customers and tasked Voltage with helping them find a solution.

A come-together Voltage mind meld

Our first method of problem solving? One word: Hackathon. We spent an afternoon in teams ideating, concepting, and presenting potential ideas ranging from logical and strategic to outlandish and futuristic.

In order to unlock our out-of-the-box thinking, we allowed every idea a seat at the table. From video concepts aligned with current adidas campaigns to outrageous anti-gravity space shoes, we cooked up a generous helping of possibilities.

Focused concepting, edits, and iterations

Post hackathon, we zeroed in on our best ideas, and refined them, ensuring each one was a direct response to the client’s problem.

We sprinkled in our eComm and UX knowledge on what people need to engage with a brand and make a purchase.Then we expanded our best ideas into more complex, deliberate solutions. As any ad man knows, ideas are constantly evolving, so we pushed through several rounds of refining to get the best possible solutions.

Practice, practice, practice

The same “they” with the words about teamwork also have something to say about practice. “They” hadn’t let us down yet, so we practiced our pitch while shooting for perfect.

Deliver big

Ready for the moment of truth, Voltage pulled off a successful presentation by delivering our out-of-the-box ideas that directly addressed the client’s problem. Our hard work paid off, and we’re currently turning our ideas into reality.

Our creative process played a key part in the success of our latest pitch, but the true secret sauce? Our crazy talented crew.

If you’re curious how our team can help out with your next big project, reach out at 303-664-1687 or info@voltagead.com.


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