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Office Culture: The Friday Playlist

Fridays at VOLTAGE unfurl with a new shared playlist each week. Complete with album artwork. Queued up and bringing the office together. Lend us your ear…

Everybody knows Friday is the best day of the workweek. And at VOLTAGE, we have a little tradition that makes the day even more worth looking forward to. A little over a year ago, we started asking what kinds of music everyone in the office listens to.

Behold, the Friday Playlist was born.

Each playlist gets its own theme. Each theme gets its very own VOLTAGE-designed album artwork. And the whole universe can tune in.


These playlists are an exercise reminding us just how diverse the art of music is, and in turn, how unique the individuals are who collectively make up this place we call VOLTAGE.

Here’s how we bring each vibe to life:

Step 1: Theme

As of today, we’ve created over 100 playlists, each with a different theme. Sometimes we draw inspiration from the season, or sometimes we go with a very specific topic – like our “Black History Month” playlist. Our “Repetition for Emphasis” playlist was inspired by YouTube videos that loop lyrics for hours on end. Favorite themes we’ve caught ourselves hitting repeat on include: “Middle-School Angst,” “High Notes,” and “Gone Too Soon.”

VOLTAGE-designed album cover shows a repeating image of an edgy young woman taking a selfie with the surprised face of a male rockstar in the center.

Album artwork for our popular “Middle-School Angst” playlist.

Step 2: Artwork

To depict each playlist visually is quite the undertaking, but the music itself tends to lend the best inspiration. When you hear the iconic, electronic voice of Daft Punk, it soon becomes clear what kind of visual is needed. I’ll typically gather inspiration from the songs in the playlist or that style of music, then browse the web for visuals that pertain to the topic and go from there. Sometimes it takes form as a modified image, and sometimes it’s a completely original design.

A blue lightning bolt, stylistically designed over a TRON-inspired digital background

A TRON-inspired alter-universe with a lightning bolt ‘cuz VOLTAGE!!!!! This was for our“Futuristic” playlist, in honor of our Create the Future campaign for our 10-year anniversary.

The Impact:

When you work in an office with separate departments, by nature, there can be a bit of a disconnect. We enjoy finding opportunities to build team camaraderie, bridging the gap between departments and letting that warm, fuzzy feeling of togetherness overtake the office. That’s what these Friday Playlists do for us. When we hear a song that takes us back to our glory days, we immediately need to know who submitted that song. Bonds are formed, conversations are started, gaps are bridged.

Music brings people together. That’s enough motivation for us to keep pushing playlists into the world.

So, in a world full of confusion, every glorious Friday, whether we’re jammin’ out to Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, or Camilla Cabello, the Friday Playlist is a week’s-end reminder that VOLTAGE is an eclectic, creative, and inspiring place to plug in and rock out work that inspires.


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Stephen Fung-A-Fat

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