The Rocky Mountain Digital Project Managers, or RMDPM,  is a group that regularly meets in the Denver-Boulder area to collaborate on work related topics. Josh Zaplin, a project manager with years of experience in digital project management, runs the meetings.

Voltage project manager, Lacey Brown, presented at this month’s “meet-up,” showcasing a recent project she managed. Lacey discussed the struggles and successes that occurred along the way.

“It’s a great meet-up because everyday we all deal with the same struggles: clients, deadlines, organizations, development, design, scope, budget and more. It is invaluable to get together and share in wins as well as our failures,” she said.

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Juggling clients, designers, developers and trying to stay organized and on task through it all can get tricky. That’s why the group strives to help each other work better and smarter by sharing ideas, philosophies and tools that improve their work flow. Ideas such as the “Agile v.s. Waterfall” approach to project management are discussed. The group weighs the benefits and drawbacks to each model to determine what will work best for different project types.

Meeting with fellow project managers means area networking, and it provides a community to share issues and concerns with where Voltage project managers can receive feedback and hear solutions. It’s a means of support, strength and growth for each member.

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