At the SoDA Learning Academy participants attend seminars by fellow SoDA members about everything from project management, tech and accounting to the intricacies of design.

VOLTAGE members Steven Cook, Seth Lofgreen and Scott Hooten arrived in the bustling city of Brooklyn to attend the Learning Academy eager to discover all they could. Attendees signed up for classes in their area of interest. Steven attended classes, such as “How to Build an Agency,” where he learned about finance, project pricing and helpful tools to use. Seth attended classes focused on growing agency accounts and planning power. The workshops Scott attended, such as “How to Become an Idea Machine,” involved creative brainstorming activities. Scott discovered how to form a stockpile of ideas in a set amount of time.

Outside of the SoDA event, the three VOLTAGE team members experienced a Brooklyn-style “Uber ride of our lives,” Seth said. They saw the sights, the people, and had a slice of Brooklyn’s top-rated pizza to complete their experience.

Better than the pizza, the trio came away with innovative strategies, helpful tools, and new ideas. Bringing these ideas back to the team will help VOLTAGE work better and think smarter as a whole.



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