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Top 3 Design Clichés

Tired of hipster nonsense? Me too. 

It was fun at first to sport non prescription glasses and my grandmother’s sweater, but like all trends, it must come to an end. The same can be said for design fads.

Here are three design trends that had their moment in the spotlight, but it’s time for the orchestra to play them off the stage.

1. Jarring Parallax

Don’t get me wrong. Parallax is here to stay and it’s great…when done correctly. An animated infographic on a microsite? Go for it! Making every element fly around when you scroll through an e-commerce site? Yikes. We just want to shop, not see things literally fly off the shelves! So here’s the rule. Keep your user’s needs in mind, think about how fast you scroll (too much motion in a short scroll can make elements look laggy or jarring), and think about your end goal. If you want people to read, bring text to their attention. If you want them to click, don’t slow them down with your craziness. Follow these tips, and you’ll rock the scroll in 2015.

2. Keep Calm and…

…never design something based off this British motivational poster again!!! ‘Nuff said.

3. Multicultural group of friends looks at computer screen (bad stock photos)

We know that a photo can make or break a design, but we most of us don’t have time to take our own photos. That’s when we turn to stock photo sites to fill those visual gaps. Something to remember when perusing the galleries of Shutterstock is to select images consistent with  your brand and what you’re selling. If you’re not a suit and tie company, don’t use photos of men in suits and ties. Be true to you!

BONUS: Make your own cliche hipster logo with this Hipster Logo Generator. (Update 2023: Or ask AI to do it for you! Check out the Looka logo maker.)

Here’s our very own hipster logo.


And one of the AI-generated options from Looka:



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