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How to Use GIFs in Everyday Office Communication

You may have been feeling like something’s been missing from your communication with your co-workers. Got a case of the Monday’s? Overjoyed at the news you’re getting free lunch?

Sometimes words just don’t cut it.

Here are 7 basic kinds of gifs you can use. GIF’s tend to be humorous in nature but they can have different uses depending on the situation.

1. Surprise GIF’s


Did you just find out Gilmore Girls was canceled? Is there a shocking new interoffice romance? Did they really use that type for their headline?

Use this type of gif when you need to express your shock or surprise for something.

2. Food GIF’s



If you need to tell your co-workers that it’s time to eat and you don’t have an Apple watch to send them poorly drawn pictures on, the food gif is your friend.

3. Fail GIF’s

Use this gif when you or a co-worker has done something especially embarrassing. Like spoiling last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

4. Inspirational GIF’s


Do you know someone who needs a pick me up? These are here to inspire and uplift.

5. Deal with it GIF’s


Mainly characterized by use of putting on sunglasses, the “deal with it” gif is the brick wall’s cooler, younger cousin.

6. Perfect Looping GIF’s


For when you want to take that sick burn from 2nd to 3rd degree.

7. Sad GIF’s


For when you’re feeling down.

7. Just for the LOL’s GIF’s




This was your quick crash course on how to use a GIF in a professional setting. Now go find your own and start emailing them to people you kinda like.

Because much like Shia Lebouf, GIF’s are:




*Credit for this post goes to our senior designer Chris, the king of gifs.


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