With DrupalCon Denver fast approaching, we are getting our Drupal hats on over here at VOLTAGE. Now that VOLTAGE offers Drupal development, we are gearing up to learn from industry experts at DrupalCon Denver. From a DrupalCon Trivia Night, to our personal favorite topic: ‘No RFPs! Why Requests for Proposals are Bad for Business (and How We Can Stop Them),’ DrupalCon is going to have a wide variety of informative topics. This session is the Drupal-geeks version of the SXSW panel: OMG your RFPs are killing me!

Read more here on the anti RFP discussion

We are excited to join the Drupal community here in Denver and learn more about how we can leverage Drupal on more and more of our projects.

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To see what VOLTAGE can offer for Drupal Development in Denver, send us an email at: info@voltagead.com or give us a call at 303.664.1687 to discuss your Drupal project with you.