Voltage Agency Van

If you’ve been keeping up with us you may have noticed that we’ve added a new member to our team.  Allow us to explain, VOLTAGE has done a lot of mobile app development, so we figured there’s no better way to celebrate, than buying something, well… mobile. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves “Why do you need a van with more seats than you have employees?” Our response: “250 horsepower, that’s why” so don’t worry about it. Its like our good friend Henry Ford once said, Big Plans need Big Vans*, and we’ve got some big plans for the future, so ignore the logical fallacies and just roll with it.

*Not an actual quote

The beast has all ready traveled extensively and been seen from California to Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and will embark soon on a voyage to the north – very north!  More to come- in the meantime follow it’s escapades and keep up with the beast at www.voltagevan.com.