Don’t walk, but run to Reebok’s recently launched new e-commerce site. designed by VOLTAGE.  Our team is proud to have worked closely with Reebok to design and launch this new site with a handful of new features, graphics, and improved usability for a more effective shopping experience. VOLTAGE also re-designed the YOUR Reebok pages (Reebok’s custom shoe design platform ) for better usability and conversion. Time will tell what results the new design has on online sales, but recent reports prove they are up and we expect big returns for Reebok in the future. We think the new design is a Slam Dunk and will play out much like Teen Wolf’s first basketball game!

Check out the work at – and be sure to have your credit card in an easily accessible place, preferably out on your desk next to your keyboard. You would look great in a new pair of Real Flex Transitions 2.0 – custom designed to your favorite colors and patterns.Just a thought…


A few of the new features and functionality include :

• Dynamic interactive modules for product details and current brand related content.
• Larger product photography and styling.
• Related product carrousels, Reviews, and social tagging and interaction.
• Cross promotion of styles and colors.
• Easily navigable menu’s and enhanced search capabilities.
• Brand related content and videos on product detail pages.
• Product quickviews and shopping without leaving the page your on.

There are many other features planned and in the works. We thankful to be working with a wonderful team and brand that produces world class fitness products.