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An innovative new giving page for the AICF

We delivered a strategy and design one-two punch with real-world story pages and influencing tactics for the American Indian College Fund in two week’s time.

The American Indian College Fund is a Force for Good with one focus: Increase the number of Native Americans with college degrees. Their request for VOLTAGE? A one-of-a-kind giving page for their Feed the Flame campaign. They wanted:

  • A modular page for future campaign use
  • A look that stands out from other nonprofits
  • Action-oriented design and CTAs Strategy in asking

Strategy in asking

AICF story slider

We wanted to immediately convince donors that the program works, contributions make a difference and the graduates appreciate the opportunity. Personal stories at the top of the page cover all three of these elements. When donors click through to the page, they see real-life examples of students who benefit from contributions.

AICF akisa millers story page example

We created predetermined donation amounts to represent the direct cost of supplies and classes to give donors perspective on their contribution. Also, a pop-up feature informs users of live donations, influencing contributions.

aicf donation pop-up

Design with a purpose

For a fresh take on the “filling up the thermometer” visual, we stylized the American Indian College Fund logo. Color and a level provide a visual for the amount raised and fit in with the Feed the Flame campaign.

It’s lit in all the right ways.

aicf donation amounts


We added a floating CTA element that always displays in the upper right hand corner anywhere on the site. It shows the number of days left to donate, creating a sense of urgency. No matter what page you visit, this CTA makes donations a click away.

aicf feed the flame cta

In addition to strategies and design details, VOLTAGE delivered the concept in two weeks flat. The American Indian College Fund and all its stakeholders loved the action-oriented page. From personal stories and real-cost donation examples, to the professional look and clear visuals, this landing page has the potential to elevate future fundraisers and donations.


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