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Class VI Partners

Navigating the rapids of growth

Class VI Partners handed the paddles to the VOLTAGE growth team to uncover new opportunities with their audience and upgrade their visual brand.

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You have to know where your audience wants to go


We conducted an intensive strategy round to get at the true hopes and fears of the Class VI Partners audience. For this audience, it wasn't just about the exit, it was what the exit enabled. And when research revealed that 75% of business owners became dissatisfied with the results of their sale (often a once-in-a-lifetime event), we leaned into the opportunity to clearly position their team as the guide through this tumultuous territory.

Good design is good business


...Especially when your audience is the high-performing entrepreneurial set. We steered Class VI down a new visual stream – away from bland business stock and into a texture-rich playground of abstracted, adventurous scenery. Pictured: Concepts for a quarterly thematic print mag.

SVA Campaign


SVA = Single Viable Audience. When you have multiple personas, it's easy to lose focus. This campaign was designed to be a quick-start framework for getting the upgraded identity and messaging out in the wild, designed for the most distilled target audience. To pull it off, we created:

• Blog post headlines informed by frequent searches
• Retargeting ads
• Opt-in educational email series
• LinkedIn posts
• Landing pages

The power of touch & feel


We crafted some for-print marketing collateral that told the Class VI Partners story in high-gloss. This booklet contained an overview for each of the multiple lines of service and directed people to the Business Health Assessment. The soft-touch cover with spot gloss ensured the piece felt substantial, thoughtful, and luxurious – just like their client experience.

Cultivating conversion with focused landing pages


Good landing pages are gold. Class VI Partners already had the perfect, powerful lead magnet: A business health assessment. They just needed clear language around the output and value of the tool to get people to actually take it.



Eric Fowles, Creative Director
Aaron Walser, Creative Director
Evan Husted, Digital Strategist
Jeremy Fogleman, Designer
Julie Overby, Producer & Copywriter
Justin Houston, Account Manager

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